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Up Flushing Toilet Systems - The How To and the Why To

Up flushing toilet systems have been designed for solving problems. Although the interior consists of mechanical machinery, but the exteriors are stylish and fashionable and will go with any type of décor. The chief difference between the ordinary standard fixture and an up flushing toilet system is the discharge system.

The main components of this discharge system are a small-diameter pipe and a macerator/pump. The macerator is very powerful as it has a rotating blade that easily crushes and grinds the waste materials as well as toilet paper. When this blade teams up with the flushing water, it changes the solid material into refined slurry that can move without any difficulty through a narrow pipe. The macerator is totally sealed and does not require any kind of maintenance. Unlike the other flush systems, nothing clogs the up flushing toilet systems.

The pump is electric-powered and does not make unnecessary noise while moving the slurry upward. The benign structural problems are solved by the tiny discharge pipe. Through this pipe, the slurry is moved to the standard sewage system, holding tank or septic tank.

Usually the problem with ordinary flush systems is the discharge issue and plumbing. However, the up flush toilet systems can be placed anywhere without having to worry about the discharge problem. You can keep it in the bathroom of your master bed, in the kids’ room or besides the game room. In fact, you can keep the entire bathroom, laundry, kitchen or bar without the costly structural changes and piping equipment.

You do not need much equipment for installing an up flush toilet. All you need is electricity source, water supply, a tiny discharge pipe and a handyman or a plumber. The best part is that unlike the installation of other flush toilets, you do not need to break open the floor. There is no need for custom equipment and you definitely do not need to break a ceiling. You can get a complete bathroom only in one day because the plumber can do the installation of up flush system in a few hours.

An up-flush toilet is best if you are in situations like:

  • The drain lines are not necessarily underground and for installation, you need to get the flooring or carpet ripped up.
  • Only for the installation of toilets, you cannot afford to have the entire house torn apart.
  • You cannot wait for the contractors to take months to finish a bathroom because you need an additional bathroom quickly.
  • You do not want a permanent toilet. You just need something temporary for a visiting handicapped person or an elderly guest.
  • You are tired of having even tiny pieces of toilet paper block the entire flush system.