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Small Bathroom Designs Require Colour and Creativity

Rumor has it that small bathroom designs require a bolder color palette, but bold does not have to mean crazy. Color, built-ins and functionality are the key to the effective use of itty bitty bathrooms. Seems that in the 70's the master bathroom was the smallest while the guest bathroom was large and spacious. Home builders have finally realized this floor plan is backwards, but some of us still need to work with what we've got.

Let's figure your current bathroom has a shower, a toilet and a single sink with no room for anything else. To make matters worse, you can't afford or don't want to go through the hassle of a pocket door. Well, this is the master which is usually the most private room in the house, so do you need that door? Think about it and consider shutters, beads or even a curtain. This will create a sense of elbow room and may even add extra space for storage or give back a new wall to hang bathrobes or towels.

So you are about to remodel and want to switch the shower to a bathtub with a shower, but the size from wall to wall seems barely large enough. It will appraise higher because it is a full bath and you will still have a shower. A bathtub will not take up more space than any existing shower even the corner units. The length will require 60" minimum and most small bathrooms are not smaller than that. So fit that modular bath and surround in there to the studs if you have to, rework the shower and enjoy a better return on the effort when you refinance.

Color is important in small bathroom designs; this is your chance to use deep maroon on an accent wall in that petite space. It will create a sense of more room. While your painting, think about the ceiling too, it does not have to be white. Pick soothing neutral tones for the ceiling and walls and one exciting bold color to break up the tight quarters.

Lastly, forget about store bought medicine cabinets and consider installing shelving all the way to the ceiling and over the doorway. Now towels, toilet paper, medicine and everything else has a home in the bathroom where it belongs. The shelving can use the accent wall color in stencils or free hand designs to tie the design together. Some of the shelving can be cube like and have hinged doors to conceal the contents like your medicines. A simple mirror or two can nestle in between your custom shelving you catered to your storage needs. This storage solution will eliminate the need for any under the sink units, so a clean pedestal sink will be all you need in this small bathroom design.

The sink, toilet and bathtub will be clean, functional and expose a clean floor. The ceiling will have color like the rest of the room except for the accent wall and the shelving. The absence of a door will free up unused wall space and eliminate any sense of claustrophobia. Your eye will be drawn to the beauty and not the clutter in your new small bathroom designed for functionality.