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Rear Flushing Toilet - How To Find and Install It

The rear flushing toilet is slowly becoming a thing of the past for the home owner, but the rear flush toilet is still present in the commercial industry. In some hotels, and public rest rooms the back flush toilet is used because it offers a more sanitary and hygienic alternative to the front flush toilets. Some of the more expensive homes may have the back flush toilet equipped with the bidet, which is a nozzle that is installed in the back of the toilet that washes the back area of the body.

The rear flushing toilet can be hidden inside of a wall outlet or with an elongated bowl, a hand push or flush valve mechanism. Some toilets also have skirts that cover the piping and the valves. The cost of several of these back flush toilets ranges from $180-$550. Many of the commercial toilets are produced by some of the top makers of bathroom fixtures and bathroom furniture like, Sloan, American Standard, Duravit, Kohler, and St. Thomas.

There are several models that contain drains, sinks, basins, bidets, pedestals, thermostats, trims and sensors. They come in one whole piece or attachments. Commercial toilets are used at an alarming rate and the need for eco-friendly and low cost is a concern of most businesses that use the toilet. There is a great concern for keeping toilets hygienic and easy to use by anyone including the handicapped.

The less contact that one has with a toilet the more sanitary it is for the individual and for the next person to use it. In some Eastern countries the back flush toilet is standard, especially in places like China. May of the toilets in their hotels are sensory flushed, with the move of a hand or body part the toilet will automatically flush. Bidets are also a standard in certain countries along side of the toilet.

The age of digital machinery is upon us and there are digital toilets that are being utilized in several countries. Instead of a hand flush there is a button that can be pushed that can instruct the toilet to flush, heat up or change seat coverings. The back flush toilets should be utilized in every business ad every institution out there today. The low cost of eco-friendly toilets and double flush toilets is key to moving back flush toilets into the mainstream again.

All toilets should be hygienic, sanitary, easy to use, modern, eco-friendly and use less water to flush. The back flush toilets are a start in the right direction for the green attitude that many people are pushing for in society today. The front flush toilet opens a gateway to germs, viruses, flu’s and colds. The new technology of today has allowed us to invent new ways to utilize a toilet and we should continue to build upon that.