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Here’s one of my most memorable occasions at work. I was on my lunch break at work. The break room has at least ten tables in it, all of them empty and an employee, one that I’ve never been acquainted with, sits down at my table, uninvited. Now I can understand if this person introduced him or herself, asked politely to have a seat and then was courteous while eating. But the exact opposite happens, this person sat down uninvited and without a word, begins chomping lunch like a cow. I don’t know, maybe this person was trying to be annoying. You make the call.

I used to work for a major computer manufacturing company. I don’t wanna name names, but the initials are HP. Some of the examples that I mention are a direct result of working there. Most of the employees were rude and insensitive, not very personable. For example, I was walking along the sidewalk to enter the facility; three people were walking abreast toward me. The sidewalk wasn’t big enough for three people abreast to begin with and there were cars parked on the curbside. All three didn't even make a move to make room. Let’s just say there were employees that were very rude.

One day I was operating a forklift; I was moving a pallet of broken-down cardboard boxes used in the re-boxing process (very heavy) to another part of the facility. I’m driving along one of the isles, which is wide enough to accommodate the lift and two people. About a hundred feet in front of me, right in the middle of the isle, is an employee walking along leisurely, more than likely coming back from an unscheduled break or something. So I sound my horn and this person continues on without a flinch, I sound the horn again, now I’m about seventy-five to fifty feet away.

Let me just say, everybody in the company knows the sound of a forklift horn and what it means (move out of the way). Needless to say, I had to slow my pace and follow this person until she decided to move. Not only did this slow production, it really upset me and the other employees waiting on the pallet of materials they needed in order to continue. Another work related incident; I’m walking from one end of the manufacturing facility to the other when an oncoming employee, eating a candy bar in a food restricted area, drops the wrapper on the floor with no sense of care and with all sense of knowing. The worst thing is, this person was only a few steps from a trashcan.

I’m talking about the kind of people that stand right behind you at the ATM, with no clue that it’s rude or irritating. Men that don’t lift the toilet seat before urinating with a serious lack of aim. For that matter, people that don’t flush the toilet. People that don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. People that don’t dry their hands after washing them. People that don’t hold the door for others. People that litter when their standing or walking near a trash container. People that go through the express, or cash only lane, with a full shopping cart and then want to write a check.

People that violate your personal space. People that cut in line. People that try to give the cashier a fifty or one hundred dollar bill when there’s a sign that clearly states, “No 50’s or 100’s accepted”, then complain or argue about it. I like when that one happens during lunch rush at your favorite fast food restaurant. For that matter, People that don’t read signs at all. People that try a locked door repeatedly. People that go in through the out door or out through the in door. People that continue to push or pull buttons or levers that don’t work and people that ask obvious questions.

Some of you have probably figured out that there are lots of other categories on this subject. I would like to take this time to announce that these are but a handful of examples. When it comes to driving, I think all of us could come up with a few, if not many situations that would point out people not getting it.

Let’s say your driving your car in the middle lane of a three-lane highway. Maybe you’re even speeding a little, (I generally go about five over). You notice in your rear-view mirror there’s a car, also in the middle lane, approaching at break neck speed. This person gets right on the back end of your car and tailgates your for at least a mile. Now this person could have changed lanes long before and gone on around you using one of the other two available lanes, but no. Maybe he/she wants you to speed up (your in their way). Finally this person passes and when he/she does, you get a dirty look, as if you should have gotten out of their way.

Now, driving itself has to be broken down into several categories. But I’ll just give you a few of the topics. People that never use there turn signals. People that tailgate everybody, people that speed everywhere. And why do some people have to constantly go twenty to thirty mph or more over the speed limit? Driving like that causes accidents. People that cut you off and people that pull out in front of you when there’s nobody behind you and then don’t do the speed limit. People that don’t understand or even ignore the right-of- way system cause serious problems also. People that know the lane merges to the left, but stay in the right lane and follow the white line until the very last possible second, then don’t use a turn signal and expect you to let them cut you off or (merge). People that do all of these things right in front of the police.

Ah the police, (law enforcement, not the band). All of the categories mentioned earlier also pertain to law enforcement. Because and I know it’s hard to believe, there are some police officers in this world that just don’t get it either. Now I don’t want to pick on just the one civic department, ‘nough said.

All right, I know what some of you are thinking, “Man, this dude’s really anal”. I like to think of it as perfect (don’t believe him, it’s O.C.D.). Right and monkeys might fly out of my butt. Nobody’s perfect, everybody has different amounts of common sense. Some people don’t have any; I just point out those who don’t. And for those of you that don’t like what you’re reading, then maybe you’re the ones I’m writing about.