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How to Install a Bathroom in Basement Effortlessly

There are many ways that you can make your home more appealing, and that you can enjoy it even more. One of those ways is to put a bathroom in basement. A bathroom in basement means that you will have an extra bathroom in your basement, and you can use this to your advantage.

Homes are often listed by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that they have. If you can have your home have an extra bathroom in basement, it means that your home will have one more bathroom than it did before. If you ever sell it, you can make quite a bit more money with that extra bathroom. However, bathroom in basement is useful for many other reasons as well. You can have an extra one, which means that when you have guests, there is somewhere else that they can go other than your main bathroom. Since it is located on the bottom floor, it might be the bathroom that the kids use, or that you bathe the pets in. There are many people who enjoy bathroom in basement because it means that they'll be able to have that extra bathroom, right where they need it.

Also, many people like to have the chance to split up their home and rent out areas of it if they need to. If you have a door to your basement that can be accessed from the outside, you might consider putting a bathroom down there so that you can rent out the place as an entire unit. This will allow you to get some extra income and help yourself with the bills at the same time. Many people do this, but in order to rent out a basement, there must be a bathroom down there for people to use.

Once you know that bathroom in basement is a good idea for you, it is going to become important for you to figure out how to set up your bathroom and make sure that it is working for you.

The first step is choosing an area. You might want to think about where your bathroom should be in relation to what else is there – such as near the recreation room, or close to the spare bedroom in your basement. And, while this is a good idea, you still need to think about the ways that you can make your bathroom in basement project easier. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose a space for your bathroom that is easy. You should have a plumber come to your house to let you know where the water mains are, where the pipes run, and where the easiest location for bathroom would be. It is going to be much easier for you to put a bathroom in basement in an area where the pipes are already running. A plumber will give you a good location for this.

If you have a select area that you want to have the bathroom in, but there is no piping that goes to that area, you can still put in a bathroom. However, you will be creating a lot of extra work for yourself and you will need to have some good support when it comes to rerouting pipes and creating new water mains. This is something that you can do, but if you can find a place to put your bathroom where the pipes already run, it will be much less work and much easier on you.

Then, you should decide on a couple of things. Depending on what your reason for putting a bathroom in basement would be, you will want to figure out what you need in there. Obviously, you'll want to have a toilet, as this is the most important factor of any bathroom – including one in the basement. You'll also need a sink. However, whether you put a shower and a tub in, or whether you don't, will be up to the reasons that you want the bathroom in the basement. If you do want it to be fully functional, you'll have to put a tub or at least a shower in the basement. If you don't need it to be completely functional, you might want to think about just leaving it at the toilet and sink.

Once you have the appliances in, you can put up walls to give your bathroom in basement a more closed in a private feel. Remember to put flooring in, but think carefully about your basement – if it is prone to flooding you might want to put in tile or some other type of floor that won't be damaged by water. Think about that with the paint that you use on the walls as well.

There are other things that you'll need to add. Most bathrooms have ceiling fan units to get moisture out of the room, and this is also an important way of ventilating the room. Be sure that you have this in your basement bathroom as well.

Once you have your bathroom in basement, maintenance will also be important. Basements are prone to pipe problems and flooding, so you'll want to take care to provide yourself with a good way of keeping your basement bathroom clean and tidy. Make sure that you don't allow it to leak, and that any problems with pipes are fixed as soon as possible. This will help you maintain your bathroom in basement, and will allow you to get plenty of enjoyment out of it.