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Increase Home Value with a Bathroom in a Basement Solution

Your bathroom is probably one of the most important parts of your home. It might be smaller than your kitchen, or more crowded than your living room, but chances are that you will use it more than you will use any other room in your home. Therefore, putting a bathroom in a basement might be something that you decide to do for a variety of reasons. You might just need another bathroom – it increases the value of your home, and allows you to have more people interested. You might want one because there is a bedroom down there, and your family members, or your guests, like to have the convenience of being able to have a bathroom on the same level where they sleep. You might want a bathroom near your new recreation room or living room, or you might want a bathroom because your family is growing and you simply need more. Some people like to put a bathroom in a basement because they want to eventually rent out their basement, which means that they'll need to have all of the amenities of home down there as well. There are probably multiple reasons that you want to put a bathroom in a basement, so no matter why, it is important to focus on how you should do this and what the easiest way is to get the job done.

The first thing that you want to think about is the reason that you have decided to put a bathroom in a basement. This will help you figure out what you need to have down there. If you want it to be a fully functioning bathroom – for a rental house or for your family or guests, you'll need to have a toilet, a sink, and a shower and tub. If you are simply going to use it as a place to go to the bathroom when you are downstairs, you can get away with just having a sink and a toilet. The use that you want to get out of the room will help to shape the overall room that you are creating for your home.

Then, you can pick out the actual items that you will need. A good toilet should be on the top of your list, because this is something that you are going to need when you get ready to create your bathroom. You will want to have a toilet that you know will last for a long time, and one that looks nice as well as one that is comfortable. Your sink should also be in good condition, as well as the tub and shower that you put into your bathroom. If you can take care of all of these things, you'll find that you have the bathroom you have always wanted to have.

Next, once you know what elements you need to have in the room, it is going to be time to make sure that you have the right piping and hook ups. It is important to remember that with a basement bathroom, you are often not going to be able to choose exactly where you want it to be. You need to run the right pipes into the area where the toilet and sink, as well as the shower, is going to be, so sometimes it is much easier to simply go with the area where the pipes already are.

This might mean a little bit of extra work on your part, as you might need to change your plans for the basement to allow the bathroom to be created. However, it will be much easier to put the bathroom where the pipes already dictate it should be, rather than trying to recreate a bathroom and run pipes to it where none exist. Remember that water mains and drainage pipes are an important part of the home, and are often one that is best left alone. A plumber will help you see where your bathroom elements should go, and how you can do this the easiest. From there, you should be able to get a good idea of where you would like the bathroom to be. Of course, if you want to, you can spend the money to put the bathroom wherever you would like it to go – but going with the pipes as they are is going to be much cheaper.

Also, when you go to put a bathroom in a basement, there are some logistical concerns you'll have to think about. Even if you have drain tile and are sure your basement doesn't leak, there is always a chance that you'll get some moisture down there – so you probably want to think about having tile or other flooring – other than carpeting. Many people say that putting carpeting down in a basement isn't a good idea, no matter what, so you might want to put down something that won't get ruined if it gets wet. Also, remember to include exhaust fans in your plans for a bathroom in a basement, because with the added dampness of being underground, you'll have to have a great system for getting air into your basement and keeping the bathroom clean and fresh. Remember, also, that putting wall coverings like wall paper in a basement might also lead to problems – so you might want to consider this when you are working in the basement to have your bathroom.