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Basement Bathroom Ideas - Designs and Guides

With many homeowners having a game room or family room in the basement, a lot of entertaining is done in that part of the house. This makes it important to investigate some good basement bathroom ideas for the home. There are so many great ideas for that basement bathroom that it will be fun to decide on which one you will want to use.

One very popular idea for the basement bathroom is a stylish powder room. This is perfect for those who have the basement mainly for entertainment purposes. It's convenient for the guests to use the toilet and sink, and a powder room can be styled in many ways to make it a fun project. Powder rooms have been around for a long time, and they will continue to be around for many years to come.

If the basement has an actual guest room or a nice bedroom for a member of the family, there could be more features included in the bathroom. There could be a curved front sink and a walk-in shower, and stone tiles on the floor could be among the basement bathroom ideas in this situation. When children are in the picture and will be using the basement bathroom, it is a good idea to use a step stool by the sink so they can reach it well. Children don't really care much about the design of a bathroom, but one idea could be to use unused paint cans attached to the wall to hold towels. It could make it more fun for them.

The basement bathroom, no matter what style it is, should have good lighting. Basement lighting is different from the rest of the house, and ceiling lights in the shower area and in front of a wall size mirror would be a must. And, yes, the basement bathroom could have a beautiful vanity in it, too. Also, the bathroom should have waterproof materials. Stone tiles are perfect for the basement bathroom. They can come in different shades, are practical and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are also a smart choice.

By utilizing wall to wall mirrors, the basement bathroom can be made to look much larger than it really is. If there is a window in the bathroom, it will appear as if there were two windows, and the light will reflect twice as bright with the mirror there. Another way to enlarge the appearance of the bathroom is to use solid or two-tone tiles on the walls. A lighter shade will enlarge the space even more. If the shower is angled instead of square, the bathroom will also look bigger.

Glass block windows are the perfect choice to bring in light, and still keep privacy. Also, having that large mirror over the sink will reflect the light coming in through that window.

There is still a good use for a shower and a bathtub in the basement bathroom. Most basement bathrooms only have a shower, but for the guest that would rather take a bath, the bathtub is the perfect touch.