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Backflush Toilet - A Simple Online Guide

What exactly is a backflush toilet and why do I need one? You may not be familiar with this particular term. Some of the plumbers I interviewed for this article did not know what I was talking about until I explained more. Then they said,"Oh, you mean a wall unit." If you have enough toilets in your home and are content with your current situation, you don't need this particular model. On the other hand, if you are considering a remodel or just adding another toilet in the basement, this type toilet is well worth your consideration.

Regular toilets flush through a drain in the floor, but these flush through the wall, not the floor. The tank and flushing mechanism are hidden in the wall. Because this unit is wall mounted, it is essential that there is sturdy support inside the wall for this unit and the weight of the toilet itself should be taken into consideration.

Wall toilets can be used anywhere. Normal toilets are not always suited to be used below ground level for a basement bathroom. In remodels where a floor drain is not practical or you cannot get the proper fall for the drainage of the toilet, a normal flush toilet does not work.

There are some considerations when installing this unit. A wax ring will not work as it does for a normal toilet. You will need a fiber type gasket which can be purchased rather economically at a plumbing supply store. It is pertinent that you thoroughly investigate how to install this model if you are considering putting this in by yourself. If there is any doubt be sure to hire a plumber who has had experience with wall units. After all, this is the most used room in the house and the one you least want to have problems with.

This toilet is a good option for remodeling, but if you just want to replace your current toilet that is drained through the floor, sticks with a normal toilet. You would need to do some demolition work before installing a wall toilet if the bathroom is already finished.

There are many pros to getting this particular type of model. Such as they have more flush power behind them and few problems.

The cons are that these toilets cost more than the regular flush toilets, and the colors and styles are very limited.

In summary, a backflush toilet can be installed anywhere, especially where a floor drain is not practical. The toilet flushes through the wall where the tank and flushing mechanism is concealed. It needs to be secured to a sturdy wall because it is wall mounted. It has great flush power behind it and has few problems. These toilets are more expensive than a normal flush toilet and the colors and styles are limited. Considering the pros and cons, this unit is a good investment for those jobs where a normal toilet is not suitable.